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Dig safely with excavation safety tips

Excavation Safety Tips: 811 Call Before You Dig

Explore safe excavation practices endorsed by UDig NY. Remember to call 811 before you dig for safety. Get valuable tips and information.

Digging may seem like a routine part of construction and excavation projects, but it’s essential to recognize the importance of digging safely. Not only does this safeguard your project, but it also protects vital underground utilities and prevents potential disasters. Explore the significance of safe digging practices and the role of organizations like UDig NY, Pennsylvania One Call System, and Ohio Utilities Protection Service in ensuring the safety of your project and community.

The 811 Number

Before you even pick up a shovel or operate heavy machinery, remember the magic number: 811. This simple, three-digit number connects you to your local one-call center, a crucial step in the safe digging process. Calling 811 is free and easy, and it’s the law in most states. Once you provide information about your project, the one-call center notifies all relevant utility companies in the area to mark their underground lines.

Preventing Accidents

One of the most compelling reasons to dig safely is the prevention of accidents. Unintentional strikes on underground utilities can lead to injuries, project delays, and significant repair costs. Gas, water, sewage, and electrical lines are often closer to the surface than you might think. Accidentally hitting one of these lines can have catastrophic consequences.

UDig NY, Pennsylvania One Call System, and Ohio Utilities Protection Service

These organizations play a pivotal role in promoting safe digging practices. UDig NY, Pennsylvania One Call System, and Ohio Utilities Protection Service serve as liaisons between excavators and utility companies. They facilitate the process of locating and marking underground utilities to prevent accidental damage during excavation.

UDig NY, for instance, focuses on New York State and acts as a clearinghouse for utility operators and contractors, ensuring that the digging process is safe and efficient. Pennsylvania One Call System and Ohio Utilities Protection Service serve similar functions in their respective states, streamlining the process of requesting utility line locations.

The Consequences of Neglecting Safe Digging

Failing to adhere to safe digging practices not only jeopardizes your project but can also lead to legal and financial repercussions. In many states, it’s illegal to dig without notifying the appropriate authorities through the 811 system. Penalties for violations can be steep, and liability for damages may fall on the excavator.

Digging safely is not just a recommendation; it’s a responsibility. Protect your project, your community, and yourself by always calling 811 before digging. Organizations like UDig NY, Pennsylvania One Call System, and Ohio Utilities Protection Service are here to assist you in this critical process. At ADMAR, we prioritize safety, and we’re here to support your construction and excavation needs. Remember, when it comes to digging, safety is non-negotiable.

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