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ADMAR Positioning Solutions is your complete source for positioning equipment, software and supplies. We also offer a full range of training to keep our customers up-to-speed with today’s ever-changing technology. Training includes instructor-led courses and webinars on the use of survey, GIS, and construction layout equipment and software.

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ADMAR Positioning Solutions (APS) can cover all your survey needs from GPS, scanners, machine control, and total stations, to flagging, tape measures, and mag nails and everything between. We carry Topcon’s full line of products as well as Sokkia, Carlson, Crain, SECO, and many other major brands. With six branches throughout New York State, APS is large enough to fill any order, but small enough to know our customers and their business’ needs. Our management, sales, and support team are ready to make your ADMAR Experience a great one.

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Total Stations

GM-100 Series


Topcon is proud to offer another world’s first technology in all GM-100 total stations – TSshield. Every instrument is equipped with a telematics-based multi-function communications module. It delivers:

  • Advanced security and maintenance with TSshield™
  • Fast and powerful EDM
  • Advanced angle accuracy Long battery life – 28 hours (Eco mode)
  • Rugged, waterproof design

GM-50 Series


The GM-50 Series is smaller, lighter, with increased storage capacity. Offered at an even more cost-efficient option than previous models, it provides customers the perfect tool for entry-level site layout and surveying.

  • Fast and accurate new EDM
  • Bluetooth® communications (optional)•Advanced angle accuracy
  • Long battery life – 14 hours
  • Rugged, waterproof design with IP66 rating
  • 500 m long-range reflectorless measurement
  • 50,000 point internal memory

LN-150 3D Layout Navigator


Everything about the LN-150, from the advanced technology inside to its clean and innovative design, is a game changer for layout. With Topcon time-proven and robotic total station technologies, the instrument offers a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility needed for all types of construction layout.

  • Single-operator solution for precise 3D layout
  • Easy one-button self-leveling setup
  • Out of the box usage with MAGNET Construct included
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use
  • Digital layout for building and infrastructure
  • Replaces paper plan and tape measure workflow
  • Autodesk and MAGNET workflows
  • LongLink™ Bluetooth®
  • Increased field of view

GT Series


The GT series of robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high-performance solution that’s ready to impress today, yet still grow with you into tomorrow. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and the ability to perform as a hybrid positioning solution. All in a compact system that’s a third smaller and twice as fast.

UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the GT Series. You can see and hear the difference immediately. The UltraSonic motors are the fastest available in the market – at 180 degrees per second it’s the smoothest and most accurate prism-tracking available.

  • UltraSonic Direct Drive motors
  • 30% smaller and lighter with more functionality
  • Advanced UltraTrac technology
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Available in two models — GT-603 and GT-1203

Robotic Stations | Vertical Construction



Our scanning solutions help you work more productively, more efficiently, and keep teams better informed. Together with ClearEdge3D Verity, the simplified verification workflows cover a range of applications including documenting jobsite as-built conditions and performing construction verification to ensure project accuracy is built 100% to plan.

  • Quick layout and scanning with a single instrument
  • Instant point cloud registration
  • Proven robotic total station design integrated with a scanner
  • Full dome scan and images in seconds
  • Scan density tailored to minimize software processing time
  • Accurately match point clouds to BIM coordinates

HiPer VR


The HiPer VR is smaller and lighter, but don’t let its small size fool you. It’s not only packed with the most advanced GNSS technology, it is also built to withstand the harshest field environments. Built with a rugged housing – not weak plastic – it can take the punishment of the jobsite.

  • Universal Tracking Channels™ for all satellites, signals and constellations
  • Field-tested, field-ready IP67 design
  • Compact form factor ideal for Millimeter GPS and Hybrid Positioning™
  • Revolutionary 9-axis IMU and ultra-compact 3-axis eCompass

HiPer HR


The HiPer HR GNSS receiver frees you to do your best work. If you’re under tree cover, or can’t get the pole plumb, or need to range widely from your base, or you need superb accuracy, or work in wet conditions, or all of the above.

As part of the Elite Survey Suite hybrid positioning solution, using network correction, mounted to a vehicle or grade checking with Millimeter GPS, or an almost countless number of applications, the HR combines the features to help you succeed.

  • Next generation fence antenna for superior reception
  • Rugged, waterproof IP67 environmental design
  • Cellular, LongLink and radio communications all integrated
  • 452 Universal Tracking channels
  • Unique 9-axis TILT™ compensation
  • Internal Wi-Fi and multi-spectrum Bluetooth


MC-Mobile Modular System

Triple the effectiveness of your compact equipment operators

MC-Mobile is quick to learn and easy to use. It uses one interface to improve resource management and equip operators to do jobs that previously required three people – surveyors, equipment operators and grade checkers. 

  • Measure, design and build with one solution
  • Combines machine control and survey for use with compact equipment
  • Swing boom IMU sensor

X-53x CAT Next Gen Excavator


No need for hydraulic controllers or additional sensors – the X-53x can be easily installed. Machine calibrations are reduced to a few simple measurements with existing 2D automatic calibration being utilized for X-53x’s control for precision grading.

  • Reduced installation and setup time
  • Tilting buckets and rotators supported
  • Indicate and automatic options

X-53x Excavator


Configured as an “Indicate” system, X-53x provides real-time, dynamic on-screen bucket location and design view. This allows the operator to dig right to grade every time. Upgrading to the optional “automatic” configuration makes the system smart and easy by hydraulically controlling the digging depth and bucket angle, making a pro operator faster and better and making a novice dig like a pro.

The X-53x system features fully integrated multi-constellation GR-i3 receivers for precise positioning of the boom, stick and bucket at all times. The GR-i3 is designed as an integrated GNSS receiver and antenna all in one, providing powerful performance in harsh environmental conditions. The automatic option includes custom joysticks and an integrated hydraulic control valve.

  • Cut grade faster and more accurately
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench
  • Indicate and automatic options

X-53i Excavator


This trim 3D excavator system provides modern tools when excavating complex slopes or even while working “in the blind.” Bucket movement is tracked in real time, delivering key information to reach grade repeatedly. The purpose-built X-53i system allows you to work independently – the software quickly directs you to centerlines and guides your bucket to grade. With integrated GNSS technology, a bright and clear touchscreen control box, and innovative tilt sensors – the X-53i system saves time, facilitates common tasks and movements while improving safety daily. Eliminate over-excavation while reaching the target grade with precision.

  • Cut grade fast and accurately
  • Cut flat, vertical and 3D surfaces
  • Fully upgradable
  • Improves job safety
  • Lightbar grade guidance and built-in audible alarms

X-52i Excavator


When future projects dictate GNSS location and precision, the X-52x system is easily upgradable to a full 3D capable X-53x system. In addition, because it utilizes the latest 500kbps Baud Rate TS-i3 sensors and MC-X1 controller, it is also fully future-proofed and ready to support even more planned enhancements as they become available.

  • Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench
  • Work from an existing elevation reference or laser
  • Easily upgradable to full 3D GNSS
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Easy-to-see cut/fill indicators

MC-MAX Dozer


Redefine the capabilities of your dozer. The MC-MAX Dozer System is a 2D solution will allow you to work with Sonic, Laser, or slope inputs, and indication solutions will give you the freedom to push dirt by feel.

The MC-MAX Dozer System enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated dozing applications.

  • Grade on any slope with rapid blade response times
  • Mastless, no more daily set up and take down procedure
  • Utilizes a 3 IMU system for faster and more accurate grading
  • Dual-antenna 4-way/6-way blade control

3D-MC Paving


Control any paver right from digital site plans. The paver produces exact thickness at exact slope automatically, with fast and accurate 3D transitions through horizontal and vertical curves.

Everything goes according to plan, in this case a 3D plan — a 3D design.

  • Millimeter level accuracy
  • 2400 meter horizontal working range
  • 40 meter vertical working range
  • Multiple users in the same zone
  • Pave horizontal, vertical or combined transition

RD-M1 Scanner


The RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data as you drive, delivering precise surface conditions. You can quickly scan miles of road in short time, without the need for costly lane closures or re-work.

With this revolutionary solution, normal traffic conditions continue uninterrupted. This produces dramatic time savings,  eliminates the need to close lanes, and increases the safety of your crew.

The sophisticated design works seamlessly with an integrated HiPer SR GNSS receiver as well as an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to accurately capture point data while traveling at speed. Cruising at normal highway speeds, your data is automatically time-stamped and instantly stored for the next step of easy management and point cloud generation.

  • Downward facing LIDAR scanner for optimal road surface definition
  • Scan at speed without lane closures
  • Collect millions of points safely from the cab of the truck
  • Scan rates up to 100 times per second
  • Easy installation and removal for daily use
  • Graphical software for intuitive processing

P-32 2D Paving System

Perfect paving is all about control — screed control. Topcon screed control systems improve smoothness, ensure accurate slope and material thickness, and provide unmatched operator convenience and ease-of-use.
  • Control both sides of the screed
  • Digital LCD display provides clear 3-color grade and function icons
  • Rugged, field proven system and component reliability for over 25 years
  • Works with most full-size asphalt pavers

Intelligent Compaction System


Our modern compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Through secure connectivity to the global Sitelink3D service, each compactor not only performs tasks faster, but also becomes part of the overall project like never before.

  • Multiple integrated temperature sensors enable consistent results through constant feedback to the system.
  • Ruggedized GNSS technology provides accurate pass counts, geographic locations of each run, as well as georeferenced task assignments and completion.
  • State-of-the-art accelerometer that performs in all conditions to deliver confident surface stiffness values that ensure you are achieving regulatory intelligent compaction standards.
  • Connectivity to our Sitelink3D Enterprise service promotes each machine to then take advantage of 24/7 access to project data, team collaboration, custom reporting, as well as standard export to Veta analysis software.

RL-H5 Series

  • Great distance and high-accuracy
  • Long-range operation (up to 400 m)
  • Extra-long battery life (100 hours)
  • Tough IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Simple, intuitive manual slope capability
  • ±10 to ±20 Arc second horizontal accuracy

RL-200 1S | RL-200 2S

  • Single and Dual Slope Lasers
  • 5 arc-second repeatability
  • Wide grade range without slope blocks
  • Extra-long battery life (65 hrs)
  • Increased range – up to 2,500 ft. (770m)
  • Fully automatic self-leveling

TP-L6 Pipe Laser Series

  • Continuously assess the area with less downtime
  • Optional green beam
  • SmartLine automatic alignment
  • Rugged cast aluminum, waterproof housing
  • Stringline attachment for quick alignment
  • RC-200 infrared remote included
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Large illuminated LCD display
  • Up/down plummet beams


  • Full-function remote control
  • Long-range operation (800m)
  • Horizontal, multi-slope & vertical applications
  • Extra-long battery life (120 hours)
  • Tough IP66 construction rating
  • Remote control

Sitelink3D® v2


Can’t get hold of an operator? Don’t know where your machines are located? A sudden change in today’s task assignments?

Sitelink3D v2 brings you that connectivity and control. Sitelink3D v2 gives tabular views of project crews, their exact position, activities, files in use, plus a myriad of other functions. A simple key stroke allows the user to interact with any specific machine connected to the system.

  • Text messaging and file transfer
  • Visibility and tracking
  • Remote access and support
  • Real-time productivity dashboard widgets
  • Reporting and analysis



Control your business and improve your profit. MAGNET® Enterprise is a secure web-service with unlimited file storage that advances connectivity, provides data oversight, and connects to third-party applications.

The MAGNET® system of software solutions works seamlessly with our 3D products and helps streamline your jobs. Fully customizable, these solutions can help you increase productivity at every stage of your project.

Plan, manage and oversee projects to better track and oversee your assets. Through the MAGNET®system, there are automatic connections to Autodesk software for single file transfer from Civil 3D environment out to Topcon construction and survey solutions. Simplify processes and reduce chances for errors.

Mass haul planning | Material takeoff | Machine control file preparation | File exchange and conversion



Collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers.

Mobile app control of robotic total stations and GNSS with phone or tablet.

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • For use with Apple iOS or Android OS devices
  • Direct connection and secure data transfer, both to and from the field
  • Graphical intuitive software with low learning curve
  • Microsoft Bing Maps for satellite image background

Topcon Tierra

Topcon Tierra is a powerful web application that enhances your control and visibility of your vehicles or machines with a set of specific reports about their status, maintenance, and remote diagnostics. You can easily avoid risks in terms of unauthorized use of assets, thefts, unscheduled jobs and unexpected movement. Our solution is made of a powerful device to provide localization features and data logger capabilities with worldwide coverage (GPRS, 3G, CDMA). Through an easy-to-use, web & mobile internet based application, you will retrieve all the information needed about your assets.

Pocket 3D


Add our grade management system to your business and take more control over the entire jobsite. Pocket 3D puts the power of GNSS based site management in the hands of the site foreman and grade checkers making it easy for them to verify grades, reset stakes or locate utilities on the site.

With Pocket 3D, contractors can measure their productivity on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis to make sure they are staying on schedule. This information provides contractors a tool for maximizing equipment utilization. What a great way to get the most out of your biggest investment.

  • Check grade and verify cut/fill
  • Set grade stakes
  • Volume quantities – measure and compare surfaces
  • Measure and store as-builts
  • Industry’s easiest to use interface

iX Series


The iX Series robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high-performance solution. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long range reflectorless measurements, and performance as a hybrid positioning solution.

UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the iX Series. The UltraSonic motors are the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful on the market – providing you with the smoothest and most accurate prism-tracking possible. It’s a difference you can see and hear immediately. With a rotation speed of 150° per second, no matter how fast you move, or how many obstacles are in the way, you cannot outrun the iX.

Our new UltraTrac technology gives you increased prism-tracking strength in all conditions. Advanced instrument algorithms deliver the confidence you need to move ahead. It’s not that you lose line-of-sight, it’s how fast you can reacquire and get back to work.

Featuring a remarkably slimmed down design, the compact system is a third smaller and lighter than previous robotic instruments, yet twice as fast. Without traditional gears or wearing parts, the UltraSonic motors are much more rugged and durable,  lasting four times longer than previous total stations.  We back it with a five-year warranty.



Get centimeter-level results without being weighed down by your equipment. This compact receiver delivers full-featured, high-precision performance. The GCX3 is the ideal local jobsite base/rover RTK (Real Time Kinematic) system or network RTK rover — and like all of our solutions, you can customize it to meet your needs and create your own workflows.

This ultra-lightweight, compact solution minimizes heft on the range pole. You get maximum mobility and ease of use in the field. But do not let the size fool you – the GCX3 antenna performance in obstructed canopy environments outperforms other traditional antenna technology.

Built with leading-edge technology, the GCX3 brings you the best in GNSS RTK and static data collection. The POST2™ integrated antenna delivers first-class performance. Adding BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, QZSS, and GAGAN satellite tracking in addition to GPS and GLONASS ensures the best positioning availability.

Providing flexibility in a variety of ways for static or RTK data collection, the GCX3 easily adapts to nearly any application. A pair of GCX3 receivers can be used as a base and rover using wireless multi-channel long-range Bluetooth® technology RTK corrections. When combined with a cellular-enabled field controller, the GCX3 also performs as an ideal precision network RTK rover.

  • All-in-view constellation GNSS receiver
  • 226 optimized satellite tracking channels
  • Second-generation POST2™ (Precision Orbital Satellite Technology) integrated antenna for robust signal tracking even around interference sources
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged and cable-free design
  • Ideal network RTK rover
  • Wireless, multi-channel long-range Bluetooth® technology

iM Series


Easy-to-use, highly accurate, rugged, and reliable the iM-100 manual total station is perfect for entry-level site layout and surveying. The iM-100 is built to be your hardest worker, made to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Featuring a new top line EDM, the iM-100 is fast, accurate, and powerful. It has 1.5 mm / 2 ppm accuracy and is able to measure up to 5,000 meters to standard prisms, and in reflectorless mode measures up to 800 meters at an incredible 2.0 mm + 2 ppm accuracy.

Like all of our products, you can customize it to meet your needs and create your own workflows.

  • Fast, accurate, and powerful EDM
  • Reflectorless up to 800 meters
  • Dual-axis compensation
  • Waterproof IP66 rating
  • Typical battery life is tested to 28 hours in Eco mode and 21 hours in regular mode

Dual-axis compensation ensures stable measurements even on rough terrain. The compensator automatically corrects both horizontal and vertical angles and allows for more accurate instrument setups and measurements.


This fully integrated all-in-view constellation RTK GNSS receiver brings a new level of versatility and flexibility into your precision positioning applications. The GRX3 provides unmatched usability and versatility that’s sure to enhance your productivity. And like all Sokkia products, you can customize it to meet your needs and create your own workflows.
  • Sokkia Tilt Technology
  • L Band Ready Technology
  • 226 Universal Tracking Channels™ covering all modernized signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, IRNSS, QZSS, SBAS)
  • Integrated 400MHz UHF and SiteComm™ Radios
  • RTK and static survey operations
  • Fusion Positioning™ technology automated workflow
  • Standard RTK and Network RTK
  • IP67 rated



The ML-1M is one of SSI’s longest-enduring and industry-leading products for magnetic detection. Whether you’re seeking corner markers (iron or steel), well casings, steel drums or septic tank handles, this is the go-to magnetic locator for you.

And for good reason. The ML series offers simple one-handed operation with an easy-to-learn keypad featuring only three buttons – no menus or cumbersome instructions to follow. The audio unit has the volume built into the on/off key; just hold down the key while it cycles through the settings. The ML-1M features strong monotube construction, providing structural integrity you can count on.

In addition to the features of the original ML-1, the ML-1M is metered, offering you added features without added complexity. The digital meter provides for visual signal strength, polarity indication, gain setting plus battery life display. These versions are engineered to operate identically with the same controls.


Very easy-to-use detector, featuring six filters that allow the unit to screen outside noise and zero in on water leaks. The LD-12 is a must for every water utility. Standard includes amplifier with meter display and filter controls, ground microphone and hand switch, aviation-grade stereo headphones and heavy-duty ABS plastic carrying case.
  • Considered one of the best leak detection locators for the price.
  • Large meter display, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact location.
  • Six selectable filters, split into three “low side” filters and three “high side” filters.
  • High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer the best quality sound leak detection.
  • Three accessories for pinpointing a leak. Ground plate, magnetic base and contact rods.



The PL-2000 multifrequency pipe and cable locator is a very durable unit that is a work of art in its simplicity of use and sophistication of operation. It is unique in that it offers four modes: peak, null, distance and sonde. Plus, it’s a workhorse, offering three active frequencies, two passive frequencies, four modes of operation and both inductive and direct connection capabilities. And all its components are housed in a well-protected, lightweight and easy-to-use design.


ATB-2 | ATB-3 | ATB-4

High Value Auto Levels

  • High-value auto levels
  • Three models – 32x, 28x, and 24x magnifications
  • Ultra-short 20cm focusing
  • All-weather dependability
  • +/- 5 Degrees self-leveling range
  • Clampless, endless fie horizontal adjustments



Simple, push button functions gives the user precise LCD digital readouts.

  • Incremental encoding detection system with dual digital displays
  • Automatic power shut-off
  • Optical plummet for centering of point
  • Coaxial tangent and clamp screws provide ease of use in sighting and alignment
  • Built-in battery pack can be attached and detached by a single action
  • Water resistant, sealed construction
  • Includes: instrument, sunshade, tool kit, rain cover, plumb bob, carrying case, rechargeable battery pack/charger, alkaline battery tray, user manual



These auto-levels feature excellent magnification with large aperture that allows more light for a sharper image. Finely tuned magnetically dampened compensator levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite fine vibrations, providing high precision leveling results.

  • Compensator is designed with four suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient
  • Horizontal and vertical cross hairs with 1:100 stadia lines – measures level, alignment and estimates distance
  • Fine motion horizontal tangent knobs on left and right sides allow friction braked rotation, endless horizontal drive and precise pointing and angle measurement
  • Peep sight to aid in sighting
  • Solid leveling metal base with three precision leveling screws provides stability and accuracy in all weather and jobsite conditions
  • 360° Graduated horizontal circle in 1-degree increments for layout applications
  • 10’/2mm circular bubble vial with 90-degree mirror for accurate and quick set-up



360º telescope rotation allows you to see directly below the instrument for pipe laying applications. Ruggedness and dependability make these five minute instruments the first choice for practically every horizontal and vertical sighting application in construction.

  • Circle Lock– Assures accuracy by preventing the horizontal circle from being moved accidentally
  • Solid three-piece standard- engineered to protect against dirt, damage and costly repairs
  • Wide-stance ball bearing center assures smooth movement and superior alignment control.
  • Top-mounted vial is out in the open and easy to see
  • Focus knob is easy to reach, no matter what angle you’re shooting



Modestly priced and easy to use, these instruments are designed for light construction work such as leveling, turning angles, and determining vertical angles.

  • Horizontal Circle– Graduated to single degrees and reads by vernier direct to 1/4 degree (15 minutes)
  • Features a Vertical Arc– Read to degrees (0-45º)
  • Horizontal Lock and Tangent Screw– Provides precise movement control
  • Built-in sunshade for clearer sightings
  • Leveling Vial–top mounted for effortless viewing

Full Line Accessory Dealer

ADMAR Positioning Solutions (APS) is a full-line SitePro, SECO, Topcon and Sokkia accessory dealer.

Contact Frank Dutko at for current inventory and volume discounts. Visit for online product requests. APS can have your order ready for pickup or delivery. If APS exhibits at an industry conference you plan to attend, we will deliver your order at the show.*

*If picking up at an industry conference, request must be made by the deadline published on above website.

Warranty & Repair Service

ADMAR Positioning Solutions is a Topcon Warranty Service Center and provides factory authorized repair service for all products. A complete estimate is provided before any work is performed.

ADMAR Positioning Solutions is proud of the quality warranty and repair service we provide to our customers, from the field surveyor to construction workers, who need and want their equipment returned to their projects and jobsites at the earliest possible time.

We’re a Topcon authorized service center that will also provide repairs and service to other top industry brands. Please call our service department for more information.

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X-53x Excavator


Configured as an “Indicate” system, X-53x provides real-time, dynamic on-screen bucket location and design view. This allows the operator to dig right to grade every time. Upgrading to the optional “automatic” configuration makes the system smart and easy by hydraulically controlling the digging depth and bucket angle, making a pro operator faster and better and making a novice dig like a pro.

The X-53x system features fully integrated multi-constellation GR-i3 receivers for precise positioning of the boom, stick and bucket at all times. The GR-i3 is designed as an integrated GNSS receiver and antenna all in one, providing powerful performance in harsh environmental conditions. The automatic option includes custom joysticks and an integrated hydraulic control valve.

  • Cut grade faster and more accurately
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench
  • Indicate and automatic options